Thamesmead Photo Walk - Saturday June 29th

Thamesmead Photo Walk - Saturday June 29th


Date: June 29th

Time: 11:00 - 15:00

Meet Location: Outside Abbey Wood Station

Thamesmead was to be the “town of tomorrow”.

At the beginning, the estate was so exclusive that families had to be vetted to get a home there. When its first residents arrived in 1969, Thamesmead was essentially a construction site, but by 1971 there was a school, a NatWest bank, a butchers, and a VG Supermarket. In the same year, the estate provided a backdrop to Stanley Kubrick’s seminal film, A Clockwork Orange, then two years later the soon-to-be star architect Norman Foster co-designed the factory for Modern Art Glass, drawing in both film and architecture-buffs from across the country. Unfortunately, only around 50% of the resident forecasts were hit - of the 100,000 predicted during the area’s construction. Since then, the population has slowly dwindled until Peabody decided to invest in the area in 2013. It is now on the rise, and the architecture is going to quickly change in the next few years.

Thamesmead has a complicated and somewhat sad story, with fascinating brutal architecture and wide social spaces. Therefore makes for a unique photographic location. Together we will explore the ‘Town of Tomorrow’, capturing all that it has to offer us. Particularly focusing on Architecture with a sprinkling of Street photography, we will be sure to finish the day with a varied and interesting portfolio of images! I believe it is important to photograph spaces like this before we see huge changes caused by modern development and external investments. Thamesmead is a prime example of such a place, as Peabody have begun a £1.5bn development of the area. Come and join me in documenting a part of history before it is completely transformed.

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I am very excited to have been featured in ‘The Town of Tomorrow: 50 Years of Thamesmead’ with the image shown below. It was part of a commission for Peabody, where I was asked to document the incredible live dance performance of ‘Beautiful Thing’. A 1996 film set in a housing estate in Thamesmead.